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Create professional interfaces for your application!- Automatic...

Create professional interfaces for your application! - Automatic Captioning. Add captions on the fly by using the new smart tag technology in visual studio 2005, create different shapes with several positions and choose between several fade styles including our UControls.

GlassStyle. - Focus Glow. Add a neat glow to your controls when they are selected, you can choose to enable animation. - Data Adapter. Snap in your DataRow or your BusinessObject class to each control.

- Information Display. Add help descriptions on the fly to each control and decide how you want it displayed, choose a tooltip window or a popup window similar to outlook 2003, or you can just activate a Display Band at any of the 4 sides of your form.

- GlobalSettings. Create global settings that persist all across your project giving you increase on development speed and power of decision when you have multiple forms.

- Templates. Save and load your own designed templates. - Hierarchy definition design. If you want your controls on a TabControl page to be green you don't have to specify one by one.

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